If you have a team of eager volunteers, selling raffle tickets for charity can be a profitable, easily organized way to raise money. Think about the basics:

  • Find donated items
  • Sell raffle tickets
  • Hold the raffle

The key to a raffle as with most other charities is execution. How your team performs, particularly in the first two steps, could make the difference in hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your charity.

Let's look at a few tested ways to successfully sell raffle tickets for charity.

This step should go without saying. But it's what you accomplish in your planning that sets the stage to successfully sell raffle tickets for charity. Here are some ideas:

  • Meet with your team. List your fundraising goals in financial terms. Simply, “we want to raise $1,000 for new team uniforms, a mission trip, etc.”
  • How many tickets do you need to sell and at what price to achieve this goal? Ticket prices will depend on the value of the items you get donated (see below).
  • What is your timeline? Set a date or two to meet again during the selling. You can find out what is working and what isn't. And whether you need to change direction. It's another good opportunity for brainstorming.
  • What job duties need to be filled? E.g. sales people, getting raffle tickets, financial person, etc.


Raffle Tickets for Charity

Now is the all-important brain storming session.

  • Ask your volunteers what they think they can reasonably sell. Do you have any professional or “natural” sales people in the bunch?
  • Who can you solicit for prize donations?
  • What about a business to donate the raffle ticket printing?
  • Find ways to motivate your sellers. Offer gift certificates for top sales.


****And before you go any further, be sure to check out your state's raffle laws here.

As we said, execution is the most crucial stage of your fundraiser. Execution involves soliciting items for the raffle and selling raffle tickets.

Raffle Prizes
While you may want to go ‘big” here, start small. A car would be nice to raffle, and you could sell tickets at a higher price, but finding a donated car is tough, even for the biggest, most seasoned charities. And keeping your ticket prices low ($1 to $5) will enable you to sell more, to more people.  

Find as many donated prizes as possible. The more you have to raffle, the better opportunity for winning, and the more leverage you have to sell.

Travel is a popular option. Think weekend hotel stays, airfare, cruises, air mileage, destination packages, etc.

Electronics like giant plasma TVs, surround sound systems, etc. make enticing prize options.

Gift Certificates sell. Solicit restaurants, hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot), and services like massages, spa treatments, and the like.

Selling Raffle Tickets for Charity
Have each volunteer's goal stated. Make sure you have incentives for your sellers. Chart their success by sending out periodic emails with the numbers. Ask your volunteers for success stories along the way to provide motivation for others.

  • Sell at other events or services held by your organization
  • Set up a booth at your local grocery store and other high traffic areas
  • If your school, organization or charity has a website, advertise the raffle.
  • Ask the businesses who've donated prizes if they'll advertise the raffle on their website. In exchange, list their business as a sponsor on your website.
  • Send out emails to all of your members. Ask them to forward it to friends and family.
  • Set up a Facebook page to advertise the raffle.
  • Ask volunteers to mention the raffle on their Facebook pages



Selling raffle tickets for charity is an easy and potentially profitable way to raise money for your school, church or charity. Remember to plan it carefully. Then execute it thoroughly. See our “Fundraising Ideas” for additional suggestions.