is born again with the same concept but a new focus and management team. Our goal is to provide funding for every type of group, activity or project from funding senior living to helping raise funds for disaster relief. In addition to compiling an extensive list of fundraising ideas, we will be adding a social network portion to the web site. The new will be a great option for individuals who need both social support and financial support for a new project. Here is how it works:

  1. Open an account and create a fundraising campaign.
    1. Your campaign must have:
      1. A financial goal (like raising $500 to help someone in need).
      2. A final deadline (to raise the funds)
      3. A text (and graphic) description to motive people to get involved and donate to your fundraising campaign
  2. Use our social network and yours to create a buzz and get donations for your new idea (campaign). Add our widget to your web site to increase the visibility of your project. We will confirm that the donations are real and continuously compile a current total for your project.
  3. When the campaign reaches your goal, we complete all the financial transactions and deposit the money into your account. If your campaign doesn't reach the goal by the deadline, no one pays and the campaign is closed.

Fundable.Org can be used to fund anything where you need a group of people to help fund the project. This can include:

  • New business startups from food service to radical new inventions.
  • Buying new equipment and services for non-profits and individuals that need help
  • Short-term care in a assisted living community
  • Buy a Klaser cold laser to help with your joint pain
  • Buy someone a ReGen Pod to help with chronic inflammation.
  • Start music lessons or tutoring for a deserving student
  • Give someone a lifetime membership to Lighthouse Health
  • Get someone the funds they need to start an addiction recovery program
  • Just about any cause that meets our legal and social responsibility guidelines.

Fundable is different because we do not charge any fee for our service. We pass on the credit card processing fees but that is it. We hope that by avoiding the service charge, we can re-establish the site's credibility (since it was tainted by scandal with the prior owners) This way your fundraising campaign produces the maximum revenue and you get the most return for your efforts. This site is funded by advertising on the fundraising ideas portion of the web site like our easy fundraising ideas page. We are not a non-profit but we are a little or no-profit business. Our focus is on giving every penny to those in need and not about wasting money on a non-profit image. In the next 3 months, we be releasing a whole new option for fundraising that will include a social network for support of new projects. We will also be posting information for those looking for alternative fundraising ideas. Fundable is a part of a whole family of community oriented sites designed to provide competitive family-style service where most sites are totally commercial. In addition to working with senior living communities and assisted living facilities, Fundable is part of a group of web sites that also help addicts find treatment centers. All our site try to use the highest standards to provide solid content and unique "non-commercial" services. Fundable is our premier site for funding new fundraising ideas. Since the beginning of our internet web site business, we have been trying to find novel solutions to complex problems. With our huge staff of one part-time person, we are able to boldly develop sites with no real commercial value or potential for revenue. Whether you are starting a new business or trying to gather funds to start a business or help a neighbor, Fundable is a good option for fundraisers. If you start a campaign and have problems, please check again later as we still solving problems from restarting this business. Since we are currently rebuilding the system, you might consider visiting one of the other fundraising sites listed on our online fundraising page.